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There are many different ways you can help...

  • Financial support (one of or regular)
  • Sponsor a Project in part or in full
  • Supply of materials
  • Support or Sponsor a child or children with upbringing or their education
  • Sponsor a teacher
  • Provide remote or on-site expertise in agricultural, educational and medical fields

 If you can help in any way then please contact us. We are always grateful for all support given. We welcome visitors to see and participate in what we are doing. 

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agriculture5 450Happy Moments Kenya as a charity organisation,  focuses on understanding the problems affecting individuals, non-profit making institutions & organisations and community development projects, try to come up with applicable solutions, long lasting or short term solutions. We work hand in hand with the affected parties and the donors/well wishers.

We rely on funding from various institutions and individuals and some Government and private sectors.

Kenya in 2016 has an estimated population of 47.358 million people (World Bank review 2016) and has a very high rate of unemployment with more than 75% of the population relying on agricultural produce.

Recently, there has been severe drought in most parts of eastern, northern and southern parts of the country. There have been flash floods and cholera in 12 counties out of 47 and mosquito-borne disease chikunguya in 3 counties in north eastern Kenya. Malaria is rampant in many parts of the country.

The life expectancy is 61.8 years (world bank review 2016)  and mortality rate is 6.8/1,000 population due to lack of access to health care and malnutrition due to poverty. There are very few hospitals and the available health centres serve a large area/population. The ratio of a nurse to population being 1: 967, which translates to 103 nurses, serving 100,000 people. Most of health centers are under equipped.

There are a great number of squatters and internally displaced persons for one reason or another from tribal clashes, post-election violence, terrorism, general insecurity, land sharing inequality and drought or flooding and this has led to increase in poverty and a times loss of lives.

Happy Moments Kenya tries to find those in extreme need and helps them improve their lives by providing basic necessities like health treatment, shelters, food and water, education  already in existence. Helping  them in a way that they can help themselves in the future according to our motto, HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES.

In the recent years, we have helped individuals start small sustainable businesses such as  a  hardware store outlet, carpentry workshop, blacksmith workshop, transport services, medication and treatment. We have provided school fees for training, farming, food for the needy, support for orphans and orphanages, renovating kindergartens, renovating and building new structures in public/community based learning institutions and health facilities.

Support Members

We cannot possibly list all the many people who have helped us over the years, but we are ever grateful for the support we have had, without which, nothing would have been possible. Here we include members who are ever present in the organisation.

  • Mike Weimar

    Founder and Chairman
    Founder and Chairman of Happy Moments Kenya. Mike's constant and tireless work and commitment has motivated many.
  • Salome Kariuki

    Salome is a past recipient of support from Happy Moments and is now motivating others as well as running the office.
  • George Kamande

    Office Manager
    Responsible for IT Communications, Project Liaison Officer
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    Patricia Weimar

    Co-Founder, Director
    Support Services; Patricia is married to Mike Weimar and has provided constant and active support from the beginning.
Happy Moments Kenya is a charity organization, focusing on understanding issues affecting individuals, non-profit making institutions & organisations and community development projects, proposing and enabling practical short and long term solutions.

We work hand in hand with those in need of support and our donors/well wishers.
Happy Moments Kenya Mike Weimar P.O.Box 125-10400 Nanyuki Kenya
+254 737 188 641
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