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There are many different ways you can help...

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  • Provide remote or on-site expertise in agricultural, educational and medical fields

 If you can help in any way then please contact us. We are always grateful for all support given. We welcome visitors to see and participate in what we are doing. 

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We are very sad to announce the passing away of our founder Mike Weimar on 26th of October 2019.  He is survived by his wife Patricia and their children, and missed by his friends in Germany, Canada, Kenya and Gozo, Malta.

Without Mike's original vision and hard work to build up Happy Moments Kenya, none of these projects would have seen the light of day.  Mike put his heart and soul into Happy Moments Kenya, and not a moment in a day passed without him thinking how he could raise funds to improve and support peoples lives, health and education.  Our many successful projects are a testament to his hard work and commitment, along of course with that of his wife Patricia, whose tremendous and costant support and encouragement enabled these projects to see the light of day. 

He is sorely missed by so many people in so many countries around the world, and not least by all those he supported directly over many decades in Kenya. May he rest in peace!

A tribute from Kenya 

"It is really sad to write this and say the Happy Moments fraternity have lost the most influential person it has ever known and it's founder, for now all people are mourning.  The sick people he helped at Chaaria Hospital, the many people he fed in the dry lands of Isiolo; the many children he built schools for in Kisping and other parts of Kenya ; the many hospitals he renovated and bought medical equipment for. 

The list is endless and no-one belives that we will not see the man behind it all again.  the man who had courage and who travel far and wide just to help poor Kenyans. He had so many dreams to help people, and never let them down. 

To his wife Patricia Weimar, his children Michael, Peter and Patricia Weimar, Peter Eckes, Michael Eckes, Salomi Kariuki, Sonja Sinclair Stevenson, Rotary Gozo...  and many others who gave him support to do this.  If it wasn't for them, who gave him strength and financial support, it could never have been possible. 

His project in 2020 was to plant trees on Mt. Kenya, and he had also promised to build one classroom in Kipsing since alot more children had enrolled from about 20 to almost 100. The children had hope in him because he loved to provide education. 

May you rest in ternal peace and we hope to achieve all your dreams and make them come true. 

For now, it's not happy moments but a sad moment, but as long as you live in our hearts, it will always be a happy moment. 

Fare thee well, Mike, our mentor and role model"


Memories from 2019

Happy Moments Kenya is a charity organization, focusing on understanding issues affecting individuals, non-profit making institutions & organisations and community development projects, proposing and enabling practical short and long term solutions.

We work hand in hand with those in need of support and our donors/well wishers.
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