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aamet growth 533We are constantly looking for sponsors to help us. Sponsorship can be in many forms. 

There are many different ways you can help...

  • Financial support (one of or regular)
  • Sponsor a Project in part or in full
  • Supply of materials
  • Support or Sponsor a child or children with upbringing or their education
  • Sponsor a teacher
  • Provide remote or on-site expertise in agricultural, educational and medical fields

 If you can help in any way then please contact us. We are always grateful for all support given. We welcome visitors to see and participate in what we are doing. 

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murama kindergarten 1During 2010 we are pleased to have completed two projects which are now up and running. We have been able to achieve this with your support and a donation from the Government of Malta.

The Murama kindergarten for fifty children aged from three to five years opened in September 2010. When the new school year started in January 2011, it had a full complement of new entrants.

The building will also serve as a community centre and has been hired already for wedding parties and meetings. The children will receive a daily meal of maize porridge.

Facilities for washing their hands have since been installed through a donation ensuring that there is adequate water for this purpose.

It is gratifying to know that the local community have planted trees on the site and have supplied a number of chairs at their own cost. The future running costs will continue to be funded partly by HMK. More Images can be viewed on the slideshow.

kinder 3 700

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