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IMG 1092Pope John Paul II Huruma Health Center is a non-profit making Catholic Mission Institution based in Nanyuki Laikipia County – Kenya. It’s governed by the Congregation of the Felician Sisters and the current administrator is Sister Lucia Jura from Poland. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Project works carried out:

  • Construction of X-ray & Ultra-sound building at John Paul II Huruma Health Centre.
  • Purchase and installation of 100KV power back–up  generator at JP II Huruma Health Center and building of a 100KV generator shed/room at JP II Huruma Health Centre.
  • Setting up rainwater catchment and storage system by guttering the X-ray/Ultra-Sound building with two 10,000 liters water storage plastic tanks.
  • Purchase two solar water heater system for JP II Huruma Health Centre.
  • Funding the purchase and installation of X-ray/Ultra-Sound  equipment for JP II Huruma Health Centre.
  • Continuous food  & drinks  and other basic necessities.

Construction of X-Ray/Ultra-Sound Building 

Happy Moments Kenya with donations from Human Network of Germany constructed a  building, tiled – floor and walls and furnished for a total cost of c. €40,000 Euros.

The building comprises of six rooms plus sanitary facilities.

It is connected to water and electricity mains with a power backup generator and a drainage system.

The office and reception areas of  the building are now being used as a small dispensing pharmacy counter and reception, and the X-ray and Ultra sound equipment have since been installed and are fully operational.

generator room

Installation of 100KV Backup Generator and Generator Room

Generator installation

Happy Moments Kenya through Human Network of Germany have installed a 100KV diesel operated power backup generator at a cost of ………. and a generator room which cost …….

Due to the frequent power blackout and interruptions experienced regularly at this part of the country.

The centre  is now able to perform its duties especially during the night  and for the refrigerated drugs which were not possible to store.

Purchase and Installation of two 10,000 Litre Water Storage Tanks

 Due to the shortage in water supply at Huruma Health center we have come up with a solution of rain water harvesting by guttering the new X-ray/Ultra sound building and piping the water to two 10,000 liter tanks for storage and use in the center.

This will help the very much and deter from over dependency of the one borehole that is currently the only water supply, serving Three more institutions under John Paul II Mission Centre and due to this they experience regular water shortage and rationing.

Both water tanks, together, can store 20,000 litres of rain water which can be collected during rain season. The cost of each tank is €800 Euro, totalling €1,600 Euro.

We constructed a concrete base for each tank to hold 10 tons (maximum), the weight of 10.000 litres of water, which costed Euro 900 each, total €1,800 Euro.

Continuing food and supplies aid at Huruma Health Center

During 2016 we continued with providing support and aids at Huruma health center for the needy and life time patients who are living at the health center.

We regularly supply the health centre with eggs, food stuffs and financial aid for buying medicines and for catering for the running of the health center.

In 2016 we spent €………..Euro Which have been donated by various organizations and individuals from different parts of the world.

philips ultrasound copyright creative commons attribution noncommercial 800Contribution towards the purchase of an Ultra-Sound machine and other equipment for the JP II Huruma Health Centre

Happy moments through its donor and well wishers have contributed €1,800 Euro towards the purchase & installation of Ultra-Sound machine which is quoted at €18,000 Euros by a local supplier.

Happy moments Kenya & the Huruma Health Center are doing our best to try and get more funds to be able to raise the full amount needed for the purchase of the Ultra-Sound machine and equipment.

Happy Moments Kenya is a charity organization, focusing on understanding issues affecting individuals, non-profit making institutions & organisations and community development projects, proposing and enabling practical short and long term solutions.

We work hand in hand with those in need of support and our donors/well wishers.
Happy Moments Kenya Mike Weimar P.O.Box 125-10400 Nanyuki Kenya
+254 737 188 641
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