How can you help?

aamet growth 533We are constantly looking for sponsors to help us. Sponsorship can be in many forms. 

There are many different ways you can help...

  • Financial support (one of or regular)
  • Sponsor a Project in part or in full
  • Supply of materials
  • Support or Sponsor a child or children with upbringing or their education
  • Sponsor a teacher
  • Provide remote or on-site expertise in agricultural, educational and medical fields

 If you can help in any way then please contact us. We are always grateful for all support given. We welcome visitors to see and participate in what we are doing. 

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 Kenya map2016

  • Construction of a X-ray & Ultra-sound building at John Paul II Huruma Health Centre
  • Purchasing and installation of 100KV diesel backā€“up power generator at JP II Huruma Health Center
  • Building of a 100KV generator shed/room at JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Funding in the ongoing contribution towards purchasing and installation of Ultra-sound  equipment for JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Purchasing and installation of two solar water heater panel for JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Setting up rainwater catchment and storage system by guttering the Radiography (X-ray/Ultra-sound) building and two 10,000liters plastic tanks JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Regular supply of Eggs JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Bore hole pump overhaul repair and maintenance at JP II Huruma Health Centre
  • Renovation and improvement of Mugira nursery, Makuyu
  • Continued support through the provision of daily meals, new school uniforms for new entrants, and financial contributions towards the salaries of the teacher and assistant at Mugira nursery, Makuyu
  • Renovation and improvement of  Mwereri SDA nursery school, Nanyuki
  • Renovation and improvement of  Happy Valley nursery school, Nanyuki
  • Regular financial assistance to Fr. Beppe for running the mission Hospital
  • Regular provision of food and beverages for patients AT Cottolengo Mission Hospital
  • Helping in construction of an extra separate ward for AIDS patients Cottolengo Mission Hospital
  • UpperHill Catholic  Mission financial assistance to Fr. Felice Morino for running various charity projects in the mission
  • Helping needy people around Samburu and Isiolo by regularly supplying them food and Water
  • Continuation support of needy people and providing basic needs like medical treatment, food and water and humanitarian aid to several individuals.
  • Setup a small office at Miss Salome Kariuki home with a small printer and computer for simple print outs, emails, photos imagery, typing and data entry and for keeping records

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Happy Moments Kenya is a charity organization, focusing on understanding issues affecting individuals, non-profit making institutions & organisations and community development projects, proposing and enabling practical short and long term solutions.

We work hand in hand with those in need of support and our donors/well wishers.
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